BART Live listed on


BART Live on mobile apps listings!

I noticed the ability to submits apps to a long while ago, but there was never a Windows Phone section. It looks like they revamped the entire page and included a Windows Phone area, and it lists BART Live second, making it visible by just simply clicking the Windows Phone tab! I though this was kind of exciting news about exposure and wanted to share with all of you.

Deal Tracker - Deal Descriptions

I know it's been a bit quiet lately. I want to let you in on some news. I have been working on getting descriptions of deals added to all deals that supply them. The one sticking exception is Woot!. Currently the way they supply the information is making it very difficult for me to display properly. I do have each other existing deal functional. I may push this out on its own if I can't get any other ideas flesh out and implemented by then.