Deal Tracker v1.2 is in certification - With a suprise!

Programming is such a funny thing. You go in to do some code cleanup, rearrange a few things for readability, ect. Well, I happened to look at a chunk of unfinished code surrounding woot-offs. As it turns out, a woot-off had just started at 10pm. I took the golden opportunity to test live against the woot-off itself.

As a result - and making it into v1.2 ---- WOOT-OFF SUPPORT. Sadly this does not mean push notifications or anything like that (yet), but it does mean you can see how much stock there is on the current item, as well as a little woot light icon to signify woot-off status. it's all subtle, but very useful cues. We will see if I got it right when the woot-off is over and all the woot-off stuff goes away on its own.

I have also added a new deal -

Look for the update hitting phones soon. I've heard turnaround with no errors is less than 24 hours now. Head on over to the Deal Tracker page to read more about it and see screenshots of v1.2, and download the current version.