I Wish There Were Two of Me

The Apps

After going to work with the new version of Deal Tracker in hand I was able to test the woot-off integration. It seems to work fantastically. One thing I did realize is that it would be nice to have a refresh button during woot-offs. It's something I'll have to put on the list for the next release.

I'm also in talks with my brother Brandon to get a server setup for push notifications for the aforementioned woot-offs so that I can have a Live Tile notification that will clearly show when a woot-off is in effect. I have barely scratched the surface of that stuff - but it would be REALLY cool to have. I don't believe there are any app on the marketplace for Windows Phone right now that have any push notifications at all.

There is the prospect of a dedicated Wrecked Reviews application in the works. I've been talking with Ivan over there and while he's an Andriod fan, he can appreciate any exposure for WR. It will be a great exercise for me in working with another person that is outside the development process and collaborate to produce something we both like.


In my 4th week for this term. Terms are 9 weeks long. I'm interested to see how my 3D scripting class turns out. We have done so much in the world building space I don't know where the time to practice scripting with the UDK will come in.


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So with all of this stuff going on (work, school, side projects) it would be really convenient to have a 2nd copy of myself.