11K Downloads, Unity, and Other Musings

One step at a time! The redesigned developer portal for Windows Phone has made it apparent to me that since I started doing this, I have had over 11,000 downloads of my apps! A small feat, but an interesting number nonetheless. Having that many people exposed to my work is an awesome feeling, and I can't wait to add to the collection. 


With the announcement of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 supporting Unity, the prospect of doing multi platform original games could be on the horizon! My goal has always been to support iOS (and Android if I get around to it). Windows Phone's language and tools were the most approachable, so that's where I started. It's also nice to work in an environment where people enjoy working in the same language so I can learn new tricks and expand my knowledge with other, more seasoned developers. I even bought this MacBook pro (and to a lesser extent, my iPad) to ensure I had the tools and device to test on, as well as prove my intent to develop on the platform. 

I'm also looking forward to talking more with some close friends, as well as folks I've met online during my early development days on possible future projects that have cropped up over the past few days. Life is always full of surprises, so stay tuned!